Property Investment Process

Effective Deal Sourcing

In-depth market knowledge and industry contacts

Due Dilligence

Disciplined and thorough due diligence


Responsive asset and portfolio management strategies.

Innovative Thinking

Original leasing and marketing plans.


Harvesting alternative revenue streams.

Custom Solutions

Tailor-made financing strategies.


Timely and accurate reporting on an IFRS (or other standard accounting) basis.


Timely and accurate reporting on an IFRS (or other standard accounting) basis.


Why Choose Us?


With King Street Property Investments Ltd. (KSPI) your investment dollars are combined with our funds to purchase properties. Our goal for any acquisition is to achieve a 15% cash on cash return on our investments within 5 years. We manage all of our own properties, which enable us to streamline costs and ensure all of our management efforts are in leasing and caring for our properties. KSPI approach to real estate investing is to purchase within a city that we have researched thoroughly. We then strive to accumulate five hundred thousand square feet, which enables strong economies of scale for our management company. This ensures lower common area rates for our tenants; as costs are spread over multiple buildings within our portfolio. As well, tenants have the opportunity to relocate within our portfolio as their businesses grow or shrink.

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Investment opportunities starting at $250,000.

Why Join Us?

Are you interested in enhancing your net worth slowly and consistently while building a steadily increasing residual income? Then we invite you to delve further into our website for valuable insights on real estate investing, as well as information on how our investment opportunities are structured.